HCP is an age-rated premium plan that provides a daily cash benefit for hospital confinement due to illness or accident, provides an allowance for drugs and medicine for accidental related cases, and pays out a lump sum benefit for cases of accidental death.



Provides a daily cash allowance for each full day of hospital confinement due to an accident or illness, maximum of 100 days 

Pays for actual out-patient expenses incurred for medical treatment and hospital services required as a result of Accidental Bodily injury.

Provides an additional daily cash allowance for each full day of ICU confinement due to an accident or illness up to 100 days per policy period.

Payment of a Lump Sum Cash Benefit in the event the Insured Person sustains accident bodily injury which results  in his/her death within one hundred eighty (180) days from the date of the accident.


Who can avail?

Ages 18 - 59 years old (Renewable up to 64 years old)

and are residing here in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill-out application and settle premiums in any of our payment facility and enjoy the protection right away.

This is the best feature of the plan! It does NOT require you to undergo any medical exams.. Your acceptance is GUARANTEED.

Yes, you may enroll and avail yourself and your Spouse under two different policies. That means, you and your Spouse will receive a Hospital Cash Income Plan policy each.

Premium is based on age and benefit limit availed.

There is no conflict with other insurance plans. The lump sum amount from the Hospital Cash Income Plan will be given to you or your loved one in cheque, which you may use in anyway you wish. This is paid ON TOP of any health plan that you may already have.

No, your Hospital Cash Income Plan coverage can be terminated at any time by the insured or the insurance company. The policy is also terminated at the end of policy term when the insured reaches the age 65. After that, premiums will no longer be collected and coverage will stop on the policy anniversary date after your 65th birthday. (The Anniversary date means each anniversary of the Effective date of the Insurance Policy).

You may call Prudential  Guarantee Assurance Inc. (PGAI) at Customer Service Hotline Number 892-7503 for complete requirements and other questions regarding your claim.

Do you have questions?

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