No matter how much we prepare, interruptions to travel plans can and really do happen. Reduce stress and worry over damaged luggages, canceled flights, stolen money, lost passports, and unfortunate accidents with a selection of insurance options that will shield you from all the hassles of traveling!

Travel Shield Plus
Travel Shield Plus

Travel anywhere in the country and get the protection you need against unforeseen inconveniences. Get flexible options of a single trip or annual coverage and choose the shield that fits your travel lifestyle!

Enjoy these benefits when you avail of a Travel Shield Plus Policy:

Pays a lump sum benefit in the event of death of the insured resulting from an accident during the duration of the trip.

pay for the customary, medically necessary and reasonable costs of hospitalization, surgery, medicines including doctor's fee in case of illness or injury of the insured during the duration of the trip.

Pay for the initial emergency medical, surgical, hospital treatment and ambulance cost up to the limit of the plan.

Provide dental assistance and necessary emergency treatment of natural teeth during the duration of the trip.

The Insurance Company will meet the cost in respect of one immediate family member accompanying the Insured in the event that the Insured be hospitalized due to sudden illness or accident for more than five (5) days or deceased considering this family member is unable to travel on his/her own.

Make the necessary arrangement in repatriating the mortal remains of the insured to the usual country of residence in the event of death during the duration of the trip

Provide a suitable person to look after the Insured's child/children in case of the hospital confinement of the Insured as a result of sudden illness and accident during the duration of the trip.

Take charge of the transfer of an immediate family member from the usual country of residence in the event that the Insured be hospitalized for more than 10 days as a result of sudden illness and accident during the duration of the trip.

Reimburse the excess or deductible that the Insured maybe legally liable to pay in respect of loss or damage caused by an accident to the rented vehicle during the duration of the trip.

Pay for the unused and non-refundable portion of travel, accommodation and tours in the event that the Insured did not proceed with the trip due to emergency reasons defined in the policy.

Pay for the unused portion of the travel or accommodation in the event that the trip is shortened due to the emergency reason define in the policy

Pay for the reasonable meals including transport and hotel accommodation in the event that the trip is delay for at least six (6) hours.

Compensate the Insured in the event of missed connecting flight due to technical failure, cancellation of service or departure, delayed departure, change route, offloading or passenger and intervention of authorities.

Compensate the Insured in the event that the contracted flight were diverted because of a poor weather conditions, industrial action, breakdown, technical failure, meteorological problems or natural disasters and intervention of authorities or other people using force.

Pay the Insured a fix amount per day (minimum of 12 hours waiting period) in the event of delay or interruption of the trip as a result of aircraft hijacking.

Pay for the purchase of necessary clothing and toiletries in case of luggage delay for more that six (6) hours.

Pay for loss or damage of checked-in luggage up to the limited of the plan.

Pay for the cost to replace the new passport or documents as well as the accommodation expenses.

Reimburse the insured up to the limit for replacing the insured's personal money/cash traveler's cheque, bank notes  or credit card if it is lost or stolen due to robbery, burglary, theft or natural disasters and which were  in insured's care custody during a trip.

Extend the financial assistance for burial expenses incurred in the event of death of the insured resulting from an accident.

Pay the insured for costs and expenses which the insured may be obligated to pay for the damage to a property belonging to third party as a result of negligence.

Cover the expenses of sending medicines, in case of emergency which are prescribed by the attending physician of the insured.

Take charge of relaying the urgent messages of the insured relating to any of the evens covered in the policy.

Provide medical information and assistance to the insured thru the Company's certified physician.

Provide Assistance thru its call centre in order for the insured to obtain miscellaneous services such as car rental, reservation and legal administrative information and referral.

Furnish the insured with advice on reporting the robbery of loss  of Insured's luggage and personal possessions and collaborate arrangements in collecting such luggage.

Through the Company's call centre, the insured will be given access and referred to any medical centre or medical practitioner of the Company's international network.

Travel Shield Plus International
Travel Shield Plus International

Explore the world and get the best travel experience with an insurance policy that will anticipate your every need. Get protected from all possible travel nuisances and have the peace of mind that you are covered during your trips abroad. Available in a single trip or annual coverage, get the shield you need for your next travel out of the country!

Enjoy these benefits when you avail of a Travel Shield Plus International Policy:

Who can avail?

FPG Travel 

FPG Travel Insurance is available to passengers travelling from the Philippines to different locations worldwide. Minimum age of 4 weeks old but not more than 75 years old on the effective date of coverage may be covered.  

Age 60-65 years old - 50% surcharge 

Age 66-75 years old - 100% surcharge

MYEG Frequently Asked Questions

FPG Travel Insurance is your protection in the event that an accident or sickness occur while you are travelling outside or within the Philippines.

The FPG Travel will keep you worry-free given the numerous benefits under the international and domestic travel where losses of money/belongings and accident are covered.

The Insured is covered while travelling, the coverage commences upon entry to the Airport in the Philippines and terminates upon exit of the Airport in the Philippines.

FPG Travel has a 24/7 hotline (+632) 459-4768 and a dedicated personnel who will attend to you while you are outside the Philippines. For Domestic Travel, you can call (+632) 859-1200 or (+632) 944-1300 for immediate assistance.

For International  Travel covers up to 75 years old

For Domestic  Travel covers up to 70 years old

Yes, you can still purchase FPG Travel Insurance. However,  Travel can only cover pre-existing conditions up to Php25,000.00. Domestic travel does not cover pre-existing conditions.

The company will grant your request for policy cancellation upon submission of proof of denial for Visa application from the Embassy. The premium will be refunded except for the documentary stamps and taxes paid to the government.

Yes,  FPG Travel provides annual cover for frequent travelers with unlimited trips but not to exceed (180) consecutive days per trip.

a. It provides cashless claim settlement

b. It covers up to 75 years old

c. It provides worldwide cover excluding the Philippines

d. No medical application required

Yes, FPG Travel provides a family package with a maximum of four (4) family members.


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