The only Comprehensive Insurance designed for Local and Foreign Guests covering extreme sports, water sports activities, animal bites, food poisoning with 24/7 domestic emergency assistance in the Philippines.

What is Covered:
What is Covered:

Domestic Emergency Assistance:

1. Medical Evacuation of up to Php 2 Million

2. Medical Repatriation of up to Php 2 Million

3. Personal Accident of up to Php 100,000.00

4. Medical Reimbursement of up to Php 10,000.00

Provides Indemnity for loss of life arising from an accident.

Provides reimbursement for actual expenses incurred (up to the limit specified in the policy) irrecoverable from any other means for treatment of injuries sustained in an accident.

When as a result of injury and commencing within ten (10) days from the date of accident, the Insured is totally and permanently disabled such that the Insured is unable to engage in any occupation or employment for compensation or profit for twelve (12) consecutive months, and such disability is diagnosed by a duly licensed physician to be total, continuous and permanent, Insurance will indemnify the Insured the Principal Sum, less any amount paid or payable based on Schedule of Indemnity.

Injury sustained by the Insured does not lead to the loss of his life but results in any of the losses specified (with Schedule of Indemnity)

Extension of Coverage
Extension of Coverage
  •  Extreme Sports (e.g. diving, parasailing, surfing, etc.)
  •  Motorcycling
  •  Food Poisoning
  •  Gas Poisoning
  •  Acts of Nature
  •  Animal bites including mosquito bites (except viral infections/disease  following animal/mosquito bites)
  •  Commercial Flying as fare-paying passenger
  •  Drowning
  •  Pyogenic infections acquired through accidental cut/wound
  •  Riot and strikes (not as active participant)
Domestic Emergency Assistance
Domestic Emergency Assistance
  • With strategic partnerships and alliances that can provide a seamless network of over 400,000 world-class providers including medical facilities, air and road ambulances.
  • 24/7 alarm center with multilingual capability; in-house medical team operating medical evacuation with a fleet of 6 air ambulances (European Aero-medical Institute accredited).
  • Performed 175 evacuations and 20 commercial escort cases.

Who can avail?

Local & Foreign Tourists vacationing in the Philippines ages 1-70 years old.

Frequently Asked Questions

MYEG Tourist Protection Program is a personal accident insurance for tourists visiting local tourism sites.

With MYEG Tourist Protection Program, you are insured for up to Php 100,000.00 for accidental death, dismemberment and/or disablement with Php10,000.00 coverage for medical reimbursement.  It is the only comprehensive insurance designed for tourists that covers all activities such as water sports, animal bites, food poisoning, etc. It also comes with a 24/7 domestic emergency assistance for medical evacuation/repatriation.

Fill-out required personal information in the website. Upon review of transaction details, you will be directed to payment before receiving your e-policy.

You'll receive a copy of your e-policy through electronic mail immediately after confirmation of your payment.

Yes, you may buy up to ten (10) policies for a maximum travel duration of thirty (30) days.

You may pay through any payment options of MYEG. This includes the following:

·   Over-the-counter payment (OTC) which includes banks, 

     convenience stores and several pawnshops and malls.

·    Mobile wallet such as GCash.

·    Credit card payment which mainly includes VISA and

     MASTERCARD among others.

For assistance in accessing the copy of your e-policy, you may call MYEG's customer service hotline at +632-250-6124 or e-mail at

For assistance in changes in your policy, you may call MYEG's customer service hotline at +632-250-6124 or e-mail at

Your beneficiary can be your parent, spouse, sibling or child. If any of these is not available, we accept up to second degree of consanguinity.

In case of a claim, you may call MYEG customer service hotline at +632-318-8431.

Report the claim to MYEG and a customer service representative will be much willing to assist you.

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